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Cast Iron Skillet Quick Cinnamon Rolls

 l love weekend breakfasts! For the past several years I  have had most Friday

and Saturday mornings off of work making Friday mornings  a special Momma and kids breakfast time and Saturday mornings a special time with Papa. Most of the time a Papa breakfast consists of bacon and something else, a rare but favorite option for my family is Cinnamon Rolls. My family actually prefers a quick bread Cinnamon Roll recipe to a yeasted one I used to make, which suits me just fine, I don't want to mess with rising dough while my little ones are waiting to eat. While it does take a little extra work to roll out the dough, it is a special breakfast and therefore worth the extra effort.

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Hot Pumpkin “Cereal”

I miss oatmeal, you soak it overnight and then it takes only a few minutes to make a hot and delicious breakfast. With a longing for a quick and easy hot breakfast I created a grain-free porridge that my kids and I love.

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Grain-Free Mashed Potato Pancakes & Easy Applesauce

Breakfast was my son’s choice the other morning and he happily sung out that he wanted pancakes. Almost anytime you ask him what he’d like to eat his answer is pancakes. Fortunately his idea of a pancake is very literal; anything that comes out of my big cast iron pan in the shape of a flat cake is a pancake.

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