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Grain-Free Mashed Potato Pancakes & Easy Applesauce

Breakfast was my son’s choice the other morning and he happily sung out that he wanted pancakes. Almost anytime you ask him what he’d like to eat his answer is pancakes. Fortunately his idea of a pancake is very literal; anything that comes out of my big cast iron pan in the shape of a flat cake is a pancake.

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Coconut Oil Baked Potato Fries

I love a good crispy potato. Since starting my real food journey I have taken baby steps to making fries a little bit better. I have yet to find a local supply of tallow and the lard I can find is so precious that I don’t want to dump it into a fryer, so I started by using real peanut oil in a small fry daddy. Unfortunately the little fryer I have is too small to cook enough for the family in one batch so I stand over the thing for a good 20 minutes scooping enough fries in and out, I also tend to over load it and spill hot oil all over the place, that kind of mess is never good. Then I thought I would try commercial lard because it would at least be somewhat more traditional but all the other same annoyances were still there plus I realized that my fryer was made of plastic, plastic that is being repeatedly heated to an extremely high temperature and that contains all kinds of chemicals (yes, somehow it took me a while to process that) which makes me a little squeamish. So for over a year my fryer has sat unused and our plates have been void of fries. Last week I had raw corned beef on the menu (the corned beef is that lovely red in the background, so good, I will post that recipe in the future) paired with potatoes giving me ample time to play with how I was going to cook our potatoes. I took a gamble and mixed coconut oil and bacon grease for a crispy and oh-so-yummy potato! I added the bacon grease to disguise the coconut flavor or my husband wouldn’t have touched them and they were terrific.

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