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Grain-Free Mashed Potato Pancakes & Easy Applesauce

Breakfast was my son’s choice the other morning and he happily sung out that he wanted pancakes. Almost anytime you ask him what he’d like to eat his answer is pancakes. Fortunately his idea of a pancake is very literal; anything that comes out of my big cast iron pan in the shape of a flat cake is a pancake. My husband however thinks all pancakes should come from a Krusty’s bag (never my kind of pancake, my favorite is made from sprouted flour cooked in ample coconut oil and butter). I have been avoiding grains lately, which has thrown me off of my game baking wise. I have tried coconut flour and almond flour but I have way more failures than successes (okay maybe not total failures, but nothing that I am ever going to be really excited about). As it turns out my simple potato pancakes were easily converted to a grain-free and super yummy treat. Of course as I was combining ingredients my eager helper ran to the fridge to pull out maple syrup. After explaining to my son that these pancakes don’t use that kind of “sauce” I figured I needed to make a different kind of “sauce” to satisfy the pancake experience. I don’t keep applesauce on hand, I keep saying that I am going to try and make homemade lacto-fermented applesauce, but there was no way that was going to be ready in time for breakfast. But low and behold simply boiling some apples and using an immersion blender created our very own kid approved applesauce! What a good morning. 

Grain-Free Mashed Potato Pancakes


2 cups leftover mashed organic potatoes

(mine were made with butter, raw cream, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and Kerrygold Dubliner cheese)

2 pastured eggs

¼ cup arrowroot powder

 A splash or 2 of raw milk (enough to get the mixture to become a very thick batter)

 Coconut oil to fry (I use coconut oil as my base and then add a little bit of butter for the flavor)

Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium high heat allowing solid coconut oil to melt. Meanwhile combine all ingredients until you have a fairly thick batter. Dollop by spoonfuls (I can comfortably fit 4 silver dollar sized pancakes at a time in my 12” skillet), spreading the potato batter into desired shape with the back of your spoon. Cook until golden and crispy, try not to peek too soon on your first batch or the potato may stick a bit. These bubble up a little, not nearly as much as regular pancakes but seem to take about the same amount of time to cook so just watch and flip when ready. Remove to a warmed stoneware pan so you can serve everybody at once. Top with applesauce and sour cream or crème fraiche.


So Easy Applesauce I Feel Silly Even Writing It Down

1 large organic granny smith apple & 2 small organic gala apples

(these just happened to be what I had in the house)

2 slices of lemon

Sea salt, ground cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

Filtered Water enough to cover apples

Quickly cut and core your apples, you can peel them if you want, but I didn’t because I like to make things easy. Toss the apple slices (or chunks) and lemon slices into a small saucepan and cover with filtered water. Bring to a boil and test often with a fork (I think it took about three pans of potato cakes before they were done, I didn’t look at a clock!). Once soft drain off the water, add spices and blend with an immersion blender. I never knew it could be so easy!

This was my son's plate, he saw me taking pictures of my food and wanted a picture of his food as well, he even arranged the sour cream on top for the pictures and then took it off because he likes to eat it on the side. I am so grateful for my little ones!

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