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Dinner/Main Course




Homemade Staples




Cast Iron Skillet Quick Cinnamon Rolls

 l love weekend breakfasts! For the past several years I  have had most Friday

and Saturday mornings off of work making Friday mornings  a special Momma and kids breakfast time and Saturday mornings a special time with Papa. Most of the time a Papa breakfast consists of bacon and something else, a rare but favorite option for my family is Cinnamon Rolls. My family actually prefers a quick bread Cinnamon Roll recipe to a yeasted one I used to make, which suits me just fine, I don't want to mess with rising dough while my little ones are waiting to eat. While it does take a little extra work to roll out the dough, it is a special breakfast and therefore worth the extra effort.

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Hawaiian Coleslaw

Last Saturday our church youth group had a Hawaiian Luau fundraiser dinner. The teens had a lot of fun decorating the gym with blow up palm trees, grass skirts, flowers and seashells (all leftover from various vacation bible school themes). While the adolescents were working hard on decorating myself and a team of parents were working away in the kitchen. The menu that we came up with had lots of real food recipes, or nearly real food recipes. We served coconut rice, chicken adobo, sweet potatoes with real butter, Hawaiian baked beans (they had spam in them, one of Hawaii’s staples, but obviously not something I would consider a whole food),  sweet and sour pork and Hawaiian coleslaw.

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Egg Drop Soup with Leeks

Egg drop soup is a comfort food in our house. When one of us is battling a cold or recovering from a flu we prepare it very simply; stock, salt and egg. If we just want a quick and light lunch we may add green onions or seaweed with some fish sauce or naturally brewed soy sauce. It is so simple that my husband will make it, something I greatly appreciated during a long labor with my first child or when morning sickness would hit me so hard I felt like I couldn’t move.

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Sprouted Flour Pancakes

Sprouted Flour Pancakes are a favorite in my house. I adapted a recipe for Light Griddle Cakes from The Settlement Cook Book. This is my favorite go to cookbook (after Nourishing Traditions of course). My Mom has a copy that I was always borrowing until she finally tracked down a 1976 edition for me. I would sure love to get my hands on a 1901 edition, just to see the changes that have been made over the years.

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