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31 Yummy Healthier Treats- Mission Accomplished

I made it! 31 yummy, healthier treats have found their way to my blog. I have loved the challenge; must-post-everyday because it helps me focus my creativity. Although the must-post-everyday also meant I posted a recipe before I was completely satisfied with it (I will continue to work on perfecting it). I have also really enjoyed having a topic to post on for a full month, this too inspires me and keeps those creative juices flowing. With that new knowledge I am going to attempt to pick a topic for each month and work within those boundaries. However I do not plan to post something 365 days a year. My children and my husband have been well fed, loved, and taken care of over the last 31 days, most nights the dishes are done, the garden harvest has been brought in (mostly) and put up, laundry has been washed and dried, Halloween costumes made, shopping done and so forth. But I cannot do it all. Laundry has been living in baskets, my husband took over cleaning the floors, a few staples haven't been made (yogurt, sprouted flour, soaked nuts), and my current favorite TV show hasn't been watched (in a month!). I also had high hopes of reading lots of other blogs on the 31 day challenge as well, but I have only glimpsed a few (good thing I know where to find them). If you would like the complete list of yummy, healthier treats please click here. I'm taking the weekend off, so I'll see you next week with the first recipe of November's series!