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Fermented and Crispy,  Sliced or Whole

My garden gave me cucumbers this year. Big cucumbers. More than I could use in salads. Bigger than I could pickle whole. I have attempted fermented pickle slices in the past, but they always turn to mush. Eventually I just skipped sliced pickles and made them whole, then I sliced them afterwards if needed.

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Asparagus Breakfast Skillet

School has begun. My world, like most Moms, begins before the light of day has reached me. I am not a morning person. If I want to get a workout and shower in before I become my kids personal shuttle then I have exactly 15 minutes to get breakfast on the table. Real breakfast, full of real whole foods.

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I am participating in the 30 day GAPS Challenge over at Our Nourishing Roots. Today is my second day of GAPS Introduction (For information on what Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet is click here). Part of my 2012 focus for the year is to work on awareness instead of busyness. So how does starting GAPS have anything to do with slowing down?

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2012 Resolutions

I have written New Year’s Resolutions since junior high; usually big lofty goals that always included losing weight (yes even in junior high, so sad). Over the past couple of New Years I have tried different techniques and types of resolutions in hope of figuring out how to stick to them! Last year I decided against “resolutions” and instead created a list of 12 projects (one for each month) that I could actually attain. It was very gratifying to check off each accomplishment:

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