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I love the coop my husband crafted for me. It is heavy, but on wheels. It is airy because the heat is more troublesome than cold in our area. We picked out an old window from the ReStore and installed it on the roof to create a light filled coop. The run is detachable, but always connected so our girls can stretch and scratch at will. The only design flaw (thus far) was the initial use of chicken wire instead of heavy duty steel hardware cloth.

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Budget Friendly Brooder

I am frugal. I ultimately picked our chickens based on cost. It should come as no surprise that I didn't order a complete brooder kit. Not only do I want to avoid wasting money, but I think it is important and more sustainable to reuse what you already have. There are several plans on the internet and in the books I checked out of the library to build brooder boxes. We have some wood on hand and I could always hunt out heat treated pallets if I needed more, but even building something from the ground up seemed wasteful. All you really need is a draft free secure space, where you can regulate the temperature.  I saw pictures of brooders made out of wading pools and fish tanks, but I didn't have anything like that on hand. I wandered my house a few times while trying to think of what I could use to make a brooder.

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"Massage" Shirt and High Five Card- Father's Day Gifts

This week was a bit of a struggle, at least for completing daily educational activities. The morning activity concept was kind of swept away due to Papa's funky work schedule, Papa was home in the morning and gone until way after the kids were in bed.  Fortunately we are a highly adaptable crew so we still accomplished at least one activity everyday:

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Texture Floor Squares

As my role in my children's life is evolving; going from full time working Mom to stay at home Mom and my children's lives are being reshaped; going from church preschool 3 days a week to stay at home kids, I have decided that I need the structure of having some kind of morning activity each weekday and my boys seem to like it as well. This is what our week looked like:

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