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Body Love. Support.

A few weeks ago I talked about my struggles with comparison while at church. Today I had the pleasure of attending church with my husband. This is a great rarity with his demanding schedule. We were also blessed to sit with a friend from our last church family that has also relocated out here. This dynamic made a substantial impact on my own comparison issues. With the anchor of people who value me now and in the past I didn’t find myself needing to pause and refocus my energy. I was already in a peaceful place.

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Body Love. Simple.

I have just seven days left of this challenge. Which is a good thing, I am running out of photo ideas that reflect my actual life. I live a pretty normal life full of routines and patterns, but how many more laundry pictures can I possibly take?

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Body Love. Sewing.

I am just settling into a long evening of costume making. Gone are the days of just having a costume ready for Halloween. Now we have trunk or treat a week in advance and various other activities this week where costumes are “welcome” (although not at school). I have a strained relationship with sewing. I love what I can create with a sewing machine or needle and thread, but often get frustrated with the process.

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Body Love. Freedom.

Whew, what fun! My preschool son had a field trip today and my two year old got to tag along. We went to a farm and stable to ride ponies, enjoy a horse drawn wagon, and see the other animals. My two boys were unimpressed by the chickens and rabbits since we have those here at home, but they really enjoyed the ponies! And while the chickens were not as crowded as say an actual chicken farm, they still seemed crowded compared to my ideals.

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Body Love. Sinus headache.

I have such a sharp pulsing pain in my sinus right now there just isn’t much that I can write. It hurts. I can’t keep my eyes open.

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