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Body Love? Comparison Struggles.

Sunday, a day of community and rejuvenation. With the “hurricane” turning out to be just bad weather, my children and I ventured out to church today. I love the feeling of so many individuals connecting with God in the same time and place. The sermon was beautiful, my six year old son sang in the jubilation choir, and my Sunday school class had a wonderful lesson on prayer. In general I love going to church. But in all honesty (which is what this body love stuff is all about right?) I struggle with comparison at church more than anywhere else.

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Body Love? My eye.


Everything on my calendar for today has been cancelled due to the pending hurricane in my area of the world. So without soccer or church events I am spending my day charging batteries, filling up extra water buckets, and making sure all of our candles and flashlights are in place in case of power outages. I am also getting a head start on my normal laundry day, just in case we are out of power. So far today I have gathered a nice little collection of items rescued from little boy’s pockets. As the tiny acorns, seashells, and rocks piled up I couldn’t help but see them as amazing.

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Body Love? The whole me.

I realize that yesterday’s body love picture was really just my neck and head. I don’t carry a lot of weight in those areas, so that part of my body is easier for me to appreciate, or at least not be embarrassed about. But I want to move past embarrassment and toward love. So my goal today was to get a full body shot. I tried a lot of my different normal activities; dishes, washing the table, sweeping, etc. But I settled on a picture of my coffee break. I love my coffee break in the morning. I usually sit at my end of the table next to the sliding door. Today, all week really, we have been drenched in rain, and it is gray outside. But still soothing.

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Body Love? I'm working on it

So this isn’t my usual blog post series. I’m not writing recipes or talking about backyard chickens. I’m not even looking at parenting. No, I’m going personal. Scary personal (scary for me). I am journaling about gratitude for myself. As I am. Right this minute. Why? Because I have been struggling in this area. I can look out around me and see awe and beauty. But I forget to include myself in that lens. Can I embrace my beauty, when my day to day is anything but glamourous? What about when I feel frumpy, bumpy, pudgy, and creased? I want to delve deeper. I want to create an image of myself that is both authentic and beautiful. Body love and body acceptance is kind of a big deal right now. Buzz words.

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