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Body Love. Halloween.

Whew! 31 days of working on Body Love. I made it. I really did my final thoughts post yesterday so with that I am going to just say Happy Halloween!

October 31: Today I am not going to trick myself into thinking my body is my enemy and am instead going to take care of my body like the treat that it is!

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Body Love. All good things...

Technically I have one more day of the challenge, but tomorrow is Halloween, so I am going to be enjoying my family time rather than processing my thoughts and feelings surrounding this little experiment. I am glad that I went ahead and covered this uncomfortable and new (for me) territory.  I now have at least 29 pictures of myself that are mostly reflections of who I am.

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Body Love. Driving.

I spend just shy of four hours a day, Monday through Friday, in my car taxi-ing my children to and from school (3 hours minimum right there), violin, swimming, soccer (although today is the last day of soccer until spring) and church. I try to use that immense amount of time wisely. I talk with my children, listen to audio books, or my new favorite; podcasts. This past month I have found a few podcasts that support my body love project. Some I have just started listening to this week so I can’t give a fair review of anything but I figure I will list them at least for my own future reference.

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Body Love. Books.

I started my body love journey in 2012, after reading Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon. But my weight soared after a miscarriage at 11 weeks and then an immediate pregnancy resulting in the birth of my youngest. I was so uncomfortable that I figured I would just get the weight off first and then I would work on normalizing my eating. In 2013 I started reading a wonderful book called Nourished Metabolism by Elizabeth Walling. It was another love your body now approach that I figured I would eventually get to once I finished losing all of the extra baby weight.  After another year of intense dieting I could do no more.

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Body Love. Exercise.


When I started this year my focus was on no longer dieting. Specifically to lose weight while no longer dieting. I was doing really well with following hunger signals and giving myself permission to eat. But without realizing it, I made exercise my salvation. If I was going to lose weight without dieting, I must need to increase my exercise.  So I did, subconsciously. As I continued to increase my workouts I grew dissatisfied with them and began to feel trapped and resentful of “having” to work out. After I skipped a workout for some much needed journaling and meditation time I realized what I had been doing. And vowed to stop. I only want to move my body because it feels good and invigorating to do so. I only want to move my body in ways that provide joy.

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