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Cinnamon and Coconut Sugar Whipped Cream

I have had a lovely weekend with family, but visiting with family is a social affair not to be spent isolated in my back-of-the-house kitchen. Except late at night when my Mom and I make fermented collards, kraut, green beans and peppers (maybe next year October will be my month of ferments). Regardless any sweets or treats we have enjoyed have been beyond simple, just like this very basic little recipe. I served this straight on small little dishes as an end to a light meal, however it is wonderful on top of hot chocolate or coffee, pumpkin pie or apple crisp, or really any number of fall treats.


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Coffee with Ghee

Oh what a glorious weekend! Perfectly fall with a little gray weather that just begs for a second cup of coffee. Since this is a weekend and a holiday one at that, I am going for just a quick tip. For a yummy, healthier cup of coffee mix in a 1/2 tsp of flavored ghee and a bit of coconut milk or raw cream for a boost of flavor and healthy fats. My favorite is the Digestive Ghee blend by Pure Indian Foods. I was first introduced to enjoying ghee with my coffee at a Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund fundraiser last month and now I am hooked, if I need something a little extra in my cup I skip the maple syrup and add the grass-fed ghee. If you still really need a sweetener of some sort at least you have some nutrition too.i'm doing it!


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Fried Sprouted Flour Doughnuts

Today I have my first wheat based treat of this series. Last night when I told my family at dinner that we would have doughnuts for dessert, everyone was super excited. Everyone enjoyed the Chocolate Calas I had made, even my husband. But after saying he liked them he added that he wished we could just have some normal flour for a change. So just for him I made a batch of sprouted flour doughnuts, just a simple buttermilk variety rolled in cinnamon sugar. Simple. Easy. Yummy. Healthier.

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Spiced Fried Banana Custard

We are talking truly spiced here, not just a dab of cinnamon. I wanted to bring in the exotic and deep spices found in Indian or Thai food, without getting carried away... I may have gotten a little carried away.  I tried a bunch of different spices and combinations until I settled on just 5 spices; cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, orange peel and turmeric. These 5 spices were glorious when fried with the banana and coconut oil and then whirled into the coconut milk. Normally I let my kids have the spatula and mixing bowl, but instead I shamelessly licked the bowl (it's okay, they got to gobble up the custard)

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Cream Cheese and Cinnamon Breakfast Cookies (Grain Free)

I had planned to work on graham crackers today, but last night it turned from blazing hot, sleeping with all the windows open, fans blowing, and not a cover in sight to brisk, cool, find some covers and snuggle deep into them. It was such a pleasant feeling that every

one seemed to linger in their beds this morning. When I did finally get up there wasn't enough time for the breakfast casserole on my menu plan. My 4 year old asked if biscuits would be fast enough. I had made some quick grain free drop biscuits with cheese and herbs to accompany dinner the other night and all my boys loved them. So I set about quickly converting a simple biscuit recipe into these Cream Cheese and Cinnamon Breakfast "Cookies".

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