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Chocolate Coconut Water

When I drink Chocolate Coconut Water I think of a yoo-hoo for grown-ups, actually for kids too since I would never choose yoo-hoo as a drink for my children, too many chemicals and manmade yuck for my taste. I do realize that you can buy chocolate coconut water already mixed without any real additional cost, just not where I live. I suppose I could order it online, but I don't drink it that often to make it worthwhile. Besides one of the benefits of making this stuff at home is that I don't waste the last bit of chocolate syrup that is stuck to the inside of the bottle I store it in. I just pour some cold plain coconut water into my almost empty chocolate syrup bottle and shake it up, then shake it some more, and then I have a yummy treat to enjoy and no waste!

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Grain Free Chocolate Cookies

My goal today was to create a simple, tasty, sturdy chocolate cookie that could be used like an oreo, to sandwich yummy stuff. Particularly the strawberries and cream frosting I happen to have in my fridge. I succeeded on two out of three goals, these are simple and tasty, but not as sturdy as I hoped. Several attempts led to a sturdier cookie than I started with, but not a crumble free dip in milk cookie. Knowing that my goal hasn't been reached I spent the last 45 minutes searching pinterest, google and yahoo to try and find an alternative cookie to link to so you can enjoy the delicious paring of light strawberry frosting and deep salty chocolaty cookie, but sadly I could not find a recipe that would work. So for now I will post what I have with a warning of potential crumble and continue working on improving this cookie's sturdiness and dunk-ability

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Warm Molten Maple Cheesecake

I love molten chocolate lava cakes, they are simple and quick but they seem so fancy. I especially love the gooey centers. I am also a cheesecake fan. Anything creamy, cheesy, and sweet is good in my book. So I am putting the two desserts together. A cheesecake with a warm and gooey center, that only takes about 20 minutes to make and bake. The maple flavor suits a cool autumn evening well. You can make this very low sugar if you only use 1-2 tablespoons of maple and stevia to taste and add 1/2 teaspoon maple extract.

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Maple and Pumpkin Pudding

We enjoyed this festive fall pudding for breakfast over the weekend and then again and again, as I wanted to figure out how to do this with less mess. If you want to eat this warm right after you make it then you'll need an extra dish for your arrowroot powder. However if you want a chilled pudding you can skip the arrowroot and rely on your egg yolks and refrigeration to set your pudding. Either way it is a tasty way to enjoy pumpkin.

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Maple Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds

I have three little boys ages 4 and under. They have a very limited understanding of time. If we wait at a red light my preschooler often says "this is taking forever". Cookies that take 8 minutes to bake are checked on every minute or so by my eager taste testers. Ice cream churning for 20-30 minutes is watched over by eager eyes. The 45 minutes it takes our bread to bake and then 30 minutes for it to cool stretches their patience to its very limits. This is important work they are doing while they smell baking bread and watch ice cream churning, developing patience and an understanding of time is critical, especially when everything is high speed and on demand.

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