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Body Love. Soccer Mom.


It has happened, I am a quintessential soccer mom. Lugging children and soccer balls from field to field, weaving together schedules and making sure the right child is at the right game at (approximately) the right time. I cheer like crazy. I learn the names of every child on the team and cheer for them too. I love the excitement. I love the silliness. I love watching the four year olds cheer even when the ball went in the wrong goal.

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Body Love. Sadness.

I had a sad moment today. I cried. I let myself feel the loss. I didn’t run from it or smother it. And then I felt settled and was able to embrace the truth that God has something else in store for me. I intellectually knew this to be the case before today’s news. What was the news? Basically I was rejected, I offered up my talents, gifts, and service and then after months of waiting I was kindly and gently told that my best was not what they wanted. Ouch. But I really want to emphasize that this is the good kind of ouch. Feeling disappointment and rejection without needing to numb the feeling is part of living in my body. It is part of honoring my body.

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Body Love. Painting!

Today has been soley and completely focused on painting. I have a medium sized living room with extraordinarly tall walls, which means lots to paint, and lots of ladders.

Who has time to worry about dress sizes when they are carefully taping windows, painting crevices and standing back to admire the progress.

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Body Love. Mom.

I started the day out as “super mom”, making pumpkin waffles for the kiddos. I turned into “hurry-up” mom as I tried to get my boys to two separate soccer games that started at the exact same time. After dashing between fields with the sky threatening to rain on us, we all met up with Grammie (my Mom) and took the children shopping. At the store I was “don’t touch that” mom, “control your body/voice” mom, and “no we are not buying that” mom through the whole store (but I did find new curtains for the living room). Afterwards we had a peaceful and wonderful lunch out. The boys were content to eat and tell us about their soccer games and other events from the week, so I got to be “mellow and cool” mom for a bit.

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Body Love. Manual Labor.

We started our day chasing escaped bunnies. We still have 2 unaccounted for, probably in the belly of the beast. When I returned from dropping the boys off I searched again for the little escapees, as well as looking for any signs of their demise, but couldn’t find anything.

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