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31 Yummy Healthier Treats- Mission Accomplished

I made it! 31 yummy, healthier treats have found their way to my blog. I have loved the challenge; must-post-everyday because it helps me focus my creativity. Although the must-post-everyday also meant I posted a recipe before I was completely satisfied with it (I will continue to work on perfecting it). I have also really enjoyed having a topic to post on for a full month, this too inspires me and keeps those creative juices flowing. With that new knowledge I am going to attempt to pick a topic for each month and work within those boundaries. However I do not plan to post something 365 days a year. My children and my husband have been well fed, loved, and taken care of over the last 31 days, most nights the dishes are done, the garden harvest has been brought in (mostly) and put up, laundry has been washed and dried, Halloween costumes made, shopping done and so forth. But I cannot do it all. Laundry has been living in baskets, my husband took over cleaning the floors, a few staples haven't been made (yogurt, sprouted flour, soaked nuts), and my current favorite TV show hasn't been watched (in a month!). I also had high hopes of reading lots of other blogs on the 31 day challenge as well, but I have only glimpsed a few (good thing I know where to find them). If you would like the complete list of yummy, healthier treats please click here. I'm taking the weekend off, so I'll see you next week with the first recipe of November's series!


Creamy Carrot Cake Balls


Happy Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween I added eyes to my creamy carrot cake balls to create mummies (or possibly monsters). Despite the ghoulish costume these bite size carrot cakes are wearing, these little treats are not limited to Halloween. The fresh raw carrots and the dried pineapple give a pop of flavor that is enhanced by the cream cheese and spices.

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Apple Cider and Clementine Syllabub

For many years now I have turned to this Lemon Syllabub for a quick and elegant dessert when entertaining guests. It is bright, refreshing, and can be made ahead of time, perfect for a summer evening. Of course it isn't summer anymore. We have falling leaves, pumpkins, halloween decorations, and occasionally a chill in the air (just not today, today we were pushing 80 and stripping off our long sleeves and sweaters just when we thought the cool weather would finally stick). As I was doing my research for this article I came across a wikipedia page that said of syllabub "It is reputedly most traditionally made by the milkmaid milking the cow directly into a jug of cider." Ah ha! Apple cider is perfect fall weather fare. So today in honor of the milkmaid and her cider I give you my version of a Fall Syllabub.

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Coconut Milk Gelatin with Pomegranate Lime Sauce

When I started this recipe adventure (much later in the day then I had intended) I thought I was going to make a mango pudding with some kind of pomegranate sauce. When I cut open my mango it was brown and unappealing, so I had to come up with something else to use my pomegranate in. I could have used yogurt except that I have been so busy making desserts and treats that making homemade yogurt keeps getting pushed aside. I looked at making a chia pudding, but since they generally soak overnight and as I was running behind I kept looking.

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Simple Cinnamon Berry Compote

Today I have a guest post! It is my Dad, Granddad to my kiddos, and Dennis Green to the rest of the world. Growing up my Dad loved to take over in the kitchen to make special breakfasts and special treats (often involving ice cream or chocolate and peanut butter), today is no different. In order to give me a little break he sent me one of his tried and true quick dessert recipes. I expected just a simple ingredient list with a few directions, but he went the extra mile and created a whole article for me (Thanks Dad!). So without further blathering from me, here it is.

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