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Body Love. Awe.


This wonderful body of mine has been the most requested and desired bed in my home for nearly seven years. Its popularity and desirability has more to do with the Momma love than with its size or shape, but this is one area where extra curves come in handy. There are times when I am impatient to get the sleeping babe out of my arms so I can go about “getting stuff done”. But my youngest is two and a half. In the not too distant future he won’t want to snuggle with Momma and snooze.

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Body Love. Questions.

For the past several days, almost a week now, my leg will seize up on me. I will be walking, dancing, swimming, playing with my children or what not and my muscle will spasm, making it impossible to move for a minute, and then incredibly painful for a little bit. I have done my best to take things easy and slowly, to rest more, to listen to my body's needs. But not only is this incredibly uncomfortable it also makes it a little harder to whole heartedly delight in my body.

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Body Love. Care.

I have plenty to say, but am opting to spend my energy elsewhere today. Actually I am spending my time on me. I injured my leg climbing up and down really tall ladders, then re-injured it today while dancing to music in my dinning room. So today I have rested, I have napped, and I just climbed out of a warm bath. Today has been all about frugal self care while slowly working on my painting project and enjoying Friday movie night with my children. I will unapologetically add todays picture at another time.  


Body Love. Pool.


Half way through the 31 day project. To celebrate I thought I would take some fabulous swimming photos. Unfortunately it just felt too risky to set my camera up on a tripod on the side of a pool full of boisterous little boys. And there was no way I was going to hand my phone over to a sopping wet child and ask him to take a picture. So I was left with a post swim dressing room selfie. I love swimming. I was involved in a community swim team in junior high and was a lifeguard in high school. Being in the water feels natural and comfortable; floating, spinning, and kicking through the water as if flying through space. I

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Body Love. Struggle.

Today I struggled. I struggled with the desire to just try another diet. Surely this one (which ever one) will work. I have tried just about every whole food ‘diet’ possible. I struggle with wanting to have results. I struggle with clothes being too tight. I struggle with struggling! Should I be struggling, isn’t that just as stressful as restriction? I don’t have any answers today. Just a lot of questions. But here is the truth of the moment. I can still love being me through the struggles. I don’t have to have everything figured out to be loved, especially by me. That leaves me with trying to have fun with my struggles, trying to reframe my questions and trying to find joy in this process.

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