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Mom's Grain Free Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Peanut Butter Syrup

Wow, that is a mouth full of a title.  I have mentioned that my Mom is diabetic and that my parents are eating a grain free diet now days. They are the reason I have been developing these healthier treats. Plus it is fun to try new things. Several weeks ago my Mom called to tell me about the amazing grain free pancakes she had made for the family the past few weekends. I thought they sounded great so when she was visiting the last time I asked her to make them for us and I grabbed my pen and paper to write down everything she did.

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Simple Stovetop Popcorn- No Special Equipment Needed


For the longest time I thought a popcorn maker was needed to make good popcorn. I grew up with an air popper or microwavable bags. When I started learning about traditional food I still assumed I needed special equipment and sought out special stovetop poppers with fancy cranks. It was pretty cool to turn the crank and watch everything pop through the special glass window, but it took up precious room in my kitchen and only had one use. When it broke I didn't want to replace it. Instead I grabbed my stainless steel soup pot with a glass lid and gave it a try. It worked. It was fast and easy. Almost as fast as microwavable bags, but a thousand times better (better tasting and better for you). Today my three boys and I gathered around our stovetop to make a special cinnamon and sugar treat for our snack time.

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Frozen Blueberries and Fresh Cream

I would say that the majority of the treats I have posted for this 31 day challenge have been simple. Today's is as basic as it comes, a dessert my family has enjoyed for years (probably at least the last 20 years), with just two ingredients (I add a third ingredient but it is completely optional).

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Crispy Sweet Butternut Fries


I am going to ask you to stretch with me here. Most people consider butternut squash to be a fairly sweet vegetable. I have used it as the base of desserts before. But this is a little different. Butternut Squash Fries are usually a side dish, replacing traditional french fries for people limiting starches, carbs or tubers. In this case I am going to give directions for both a dessert butternut fry and savory butternut fry. The best part is that these fries are actually fried, battered and fried to be precise. They also happen to be grain free. They are soft and butternutty sweet inside, with a light crispy crunch on the outside and absolutely scrumptious when dipped into Cinnamon Whipped Cream. Were you able to stretch with me? Can you see this as an amazing sweet treat, snack or dessert? It is, of course, yummy!

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Apple Crisp (Sprouted Flour, No Oats)

Sometimes less really is more. At least that is how I feel about Apple Crisp. I am not a huge fan of nuts, raisins, or coconut in an apple crisp and I especially don't like oats in my apple crisp. I love oatmeal, I love fresh baked oatmeal cookies, but I don't like the texture of oats when they haven't been baked with enough moisture (don't even get me started on the yuck factor of no-bake oatmeal cookies). I thought about making this recipe over with coconut flour for a grain free treat, but I couldn't do it, I love the simplicity of apples and spices topped with flour (sprouted flour), sugar (coconut sugar), and butter (grass-fed, of course). This has a little more sugar in it than I normally serve for breakfast, but on occasion (such as this morning) I love to serve this with plain  homemade yogurt. For dessert it gets a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream if we are having guests over. Honestly though it needs none of that, just a dish and spoon and a chance to savor each bite.

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