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Body Love. Sewing.

I am just settling into a long evening of costume making. Gone are the days of just having a costume ready for Halloween. Now we have trunk or treat a week in advance and various other activities this week where costumes are “welcome” (although not at school). I have a strained relationship with sewing. I love what I can create with a sewing machine or needle and thread, but often get frustrated with the process.

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Body Love. Freedom.

Whew, what fun! My preschool son had a field trip today and my two year old got to tag along. We went to a farm and stable to ride ponies, enjoy a horse drawn wagon, and see the other animals. My two boys were unimpressed by the chickens and rabbits since we have those here at home, but they really enjoyed the ponies! And while the chickens were not as crowded as say an actual chicken farm, they still seemed crowded compared to my ideals.

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Body Love. Sinus headache.

I have such a sharp pulsing pain in my sinus right now there just isn’t much that I can write. It hurts. I can’t keep my eyes open.

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Body Love. Accomplished.

How can I not feel good about myself in my body when I can create with it! I had been putting off painting my living room for years, since we moved in. I had great reasons; I was pregnant, money is really tight, we have to replace the drywall, you name it, there was a reason to put it off. But my goodness it needed to be done.

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Body Love. Day Dreaming.

Laundry. Nothing sexy or majestic about that. Monday is my laundry day and here I am at the very end of it trying to get the adult clothes put away before I crawl into bed. I put a little music on and enjoyed the solitude and peace. I let my mind wander while my hands were busy with a familiar task. This is actually a rare chance to day dream and allow my mind to disengage while still being completely useful.

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