Waiting for Baby- Baby Shower
October 2, 2016 at 10:03 PM
Leah Rae Verde in 31 Days, Family Life

When waiting for a new addition to the family to arrive there are a lot of “to-do” items. Things to research, spaces to re-arrange, and life plans to organize (work, leave, school, helping siblings adjust, etc.). It is a lot. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. Fortunately there is a lovely tradition of a baby shower. I have thrown several over the years for various friends and church members which has always been a lot of fun. However being the recipient of a baby shower is absolutely amazing. Show up, enjoy amazing fellowship, feel the love of the people who support you, eat some great food that you didn’t have to cook (or share with the kids), open adorable gifts that remind you of how blessed you and your family are to be in a community. Chatting and talking with other women and their birth experiences, about hopes and dreams, about life in general all while sweets and nibbles are available is perfect (okay true perfection might include a glass of wine, but still). Then when you get home and get to go through everything again and write thank you cards to everyone, it is a chance to feel all of the gratitude and love a second time over. What a blessing!

Some things I have learned about baby showers:

Don't worry about filling up a registry, it is nice to have one but in my experience most people don't use them (and I've always been delighted with the outcome regardless).

I'm fine with playing games if someone really wants to, but this is my fourth child, I am perfectly content to just socialize.

For me simple is better

A baby shower is a little more fun when you know the gender ahead of time. For our first three children we didn't find out, but this time around we did. There was a whole lot of pink!



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