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Body Love. Play.


Another beautiful day, another chance to play in the sunshine. I enjoy playing with my children (not constantly entertaining them but just playing). I started this morning’s playground trip with the idea of letting my two year old play while I read a bit. But after a page or two I just wanted to run with my youngster. We had some epic peek-a-boo sessions, sang a favorite song from our Music Together class, and even planted a “Wall-E plant” (a small oak sapling that someone left lying around, my two year old is really into Wall-E right now). We were having a great time. I only snapped a few pictures and didn’t really take the time to review them before moving on to the next. However once I loaded the pictures to my computer my critical voice took over; ‘wrong shirt, can’t believe how big I am, why didn’t I try to make myself look thinner, etc.’ But wait. Isn’t the point of this project that I enjoy and love the body I have now? Not to only take pictures where I am looking smoother or more polished? This is about the joy of living in this body, and while I was playing I was completely in that moment of joy. So I am replacing the critical comments in my head with the feelings of contentment and connection I felt laughing and running with my adorable two year old. I am looking at my picture and seeing the light in my eyes and the smile on my face. I am honoring that and moving onto the next moment in time.

October 8: Today I am grateful for change, for the ability to actively choose my mindset and go forward from there.


Frugal Self-Care Today: A few minutes of classical music and a candle, just to refocus!


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