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Body Love? Feet.


Feet! These feet are mine. They are wonderful. God has created something truly amazing with our very unique feet. I am especially fond of my own feet. Today these feet have kicked a soccer ball, danced a few different times with kids, walked miles and miles (according to my pedometer), skipped with kids, dashed to meetings, controlled the clutch, brake and gas on our car, and were even kicked up on the couch for a little down time.  So when I have a day where I may not see my whole as purely wonderful, I can at least marvel at my feet.

October 7: I love my feet! Beautiful, flexible, durable, capable, my feet are my connection to this world and it is a marvelous world!

Frugal Self-Care Today: This may be frowned upon by self-care gurus, but today I propped up my feet and watched HGTV. ;)


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