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Body Love? Braver.


In only a few days I have become braver. Bolder. Ready to dare. Of course with a small anonymous audience it is perhaps easier to be a little more risky. In between downpours there have been a few pockets of light rain and even just some moments of drizzling. I took advantage of the opportunity to get in a brisk workout and a few stretches. Honestly I don’t usually workout in a sport top, I am usually in a loose tee or a modest tank top, but like I said, I am a little braver. Why should I have to wait until my body meets certain expectations of ‘ready’ to be comfortable? I intellectually know that I shouldn’t. But I like to convince myself that I am not any more comfortable out in the humidity in a sport top than a baggy shirt. And in truth I am not comfortable, emotionally. People would stare. People would judge. It is just the truth. I know because I was am a judgmental person. I am better than I used to be, but sometimes I catch myself judging what is in someone else’s grocery cart, almost on autopilot. I have to remind myself that it isn’t my place and then take a second to send them some good vibes, and myself too. I am remarkably blessed to have a body that can walk all day, jog when desired, and sprint when I feel the urge (or need).

October 5: Today I love the ability to move and enjoy the movement!

Frugal Self-Care Today: My routine is off with my children home from the storm and flooding, but I managed to let my older two have a quiet time while I took a brief nap with my two year old. I don’t normally nap when he does, but I stayed up a little later than normal last night and felt the need to be still and restful, so instead of fighting it with a cup of coffee I listened to what my body needed and feel all the better for it.


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