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Body Love? My eye.


Everything on my calendar for today has been cancelled due to the pending hurricane in my area of the world. So without soccer or church events I am spending my day charging batteries, filling up extra water buckets, and making sure all of our candles and flashlights are in place in case of power outages. I am also getting a head start on my normal laundry day, just in case we are out of power. So far today I have gathered a nice little collection of items rescued from little boy’s pockets. As the tiny acorns, seashells, and rocks piled up I couldn’t help but see them as amazing. Little bits and pieces that my young ones found fascinating and fantastic. And so I grabbed my camera to take a picture. It lead me to my happy body moment of the day. My eye. My vision, as in a vision for things and not just a visual picture of something.

October 3: Today I love that I not only have the physical ability to see an object, but the opportunity to appreciate what I see.  Today I love my eyes and the world they behold.


Okay, so it sounds a little dramatic and hokey, especially since I am not constantly seeing wonder and amazement in every little thing the way my kids naturally do. However I do like to take the time to use my “awe” vision, especially if I have been too serious or intently focused on something for any given time. It is a gift that I am actively encouraging and I feel like it is a great thing to celebrate.

Frugal Self-Care Today: A leisurely morning with some pleasure reading!


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