Body Love. Driving.
October 29, 2015 at 10:46 PM
Leah Rae Verde in Family Life, body acceptance


I spend just shy of four hours a day, Monday through Friday, in my car taxi-ing my children to and from school (3 hours minimum right there), violin, swimming, soccer (although today is the last day of soccer until spring) and church. I try to use that immense amount of time wisely. I talk with my children, listen to audio books, or my new favorite; podcasts. This past month I have found a few podcasts that support my body love project. Some I have just started listening to this week so I can’t give a fair review of anything but I figure I will list them at least for my own future reference.

Mind Body Musings with Maddy Moon

Bawdy Love Podcast Lauren Marie Fleming

Love Your Bod Cast by Fit Mom Revolutionize

The Liberated Women Podcast with Amber Chalus

Food Psych with Christy Harrison

Straight Talk for a Curvy World with Ann Peck (supposed to be for women over 40, but I still find it relevent in my mid 30s)

#sizeHUMAN podcast

I was really excited to find so many supportive podcasts. My current favorite is Maddy Moon, I really enjoy her style and appreciate her empowering approach. There are probably more that I haven’t discovered yet. If you have a favorite body acceptance podcast please let me know. I do not solely listen to body love podcasts, because I need more balance in my life. I enjoy a wide range of podcasts and have ample time to do so!

October 29: Today I love taking care of my body by listening to people and material that support who I am now without shaming me into change.

Frugal Self-Care today: a relaxing bath.

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