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Body Love. Simple.

I have just seven days left of this challenge. Which is a good thing, I am running out of photo ideas that reflect my actual life. I live a pretty normal life full of routines and patterns, but how many more laundry pictures can I possibly take? Well with this being a busy weekend I am simply defaulting to my shadow. And a little bit of foot. Honestly though I like this picture, a curvy silhouette. Black and white. Simple. I am learning to embrace simple more and more often. Somehow simple and peaceful go together. Like chocolate and peanut butter. It is easier to love myself and others if I keep things simple. Get to the basic intent of the matter. Right now the basic and simple outline of my body is freeing. There isn’t a lot to think about or worry about in such a basic form. No wrinkles, no stretch marks, no fears.

October 24: Today I love how simple and peaceful my body can be when I remove the cluttered expectations regarding my body.


Frugal Self-Care Today: Chocolate. Yes really. Mindfully eaten and thoroughly enjoyed chocolate. Like a meditation in my mouth.

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