Body Love. Sewing.
October 23, 2015 at 5:05 PM
Leah Rae Verde in Family Life, body acceptance, body love


I am just settling into a long evening of costume making. Gone are the days of just having a costume ready for Halloween. Now we have trunk or treat a week in advance and various other activities this week where costumes are “welcome” (although not at school). I have a strained relationship with sewing. I love what I can create with a sewing machine or needle and thread, but often get frustrated with the process. Sewing is something I usually start doing a week or two before Halloween with costumes, then I move onto whatever home sewn gifts I’m making for Christmas, and finally a few home decorating or mending to be done. Then by the end of January my sewing machine generally goes into hibernation until the following cycle. I have often thought about making my own clothes, I have purchased a pattern or two and even some fabric, but I’ve always skipped actually doing it. Too much work for something I probably won’t fit in the near future because I’m sure that my next diet will work and I’ll suddenly be half my current dress size. Somehow this past thought process doesn’t seem self-serving. So this year I am going to make something for me before I put up my sewing machine. Something that fits the body I have as I am sewing it. If after I actually do it I decide that it isn’t worth the aggravation of the process, then that is fine, but not making myself something to wear will no longer be because I am hoping to reshape my body first.

October 23: Today I am worthy of my time and energy, to make something that I want for the body I have now.

Frugal Self-Care Today: Some deep breaths and soft music.

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