Body Love. Freedom.
October 22, 2015 at 9:08 PM
Leah Rae Verde in Family Life, body acceptance, body love

Whew, what fun! My preschool son had a field trip today and my two year old got to tag along. We went to a farm and stable to ride ponies, enjoy a horse drawn wagon, and see the other animals. My two boys were unimpressed by the chickens and rabbits since we have those here at home, but they really enjoyed the ponies! And while the chickens were not as crowded as say an actual chicken farm, they still seemed crowded compared to my ideals.

This is a little beside the point of my current series. How was my body love project when surrounded by lots of other moms, moms with what I used to perceive as “better” bodies than mine or more fashion sense than I have or whatever.  I actually didn’t notice. Really. Whoa. I didn’t even think to get a picture of myself out there because I was just enjoying the company of other moms and the children having fun. A big difference is that I have a few mom friends in this group that I already know and enjoy, so I was much more at ease. But I am simply more at ease in my body period. Not just from these last 22 days, but from my personal growth this whole year. I have been working at actively choosing peace as my focus this year. I worked with on intuitive eating for the first six months of the year. I’ve worked on me. This work has given me a freedom from focusing so exclusively on diet. I have been able to pursue other areas of interest, even going back to school to work on a masters in Montessori Education for Elementary students. I’ve been able to shift my focus from trying to get my body “under control” or into this cultural idea of “slender” being the only kind of healthy. Along the way I have had to do some diet stuff with regards to sudden food allergies, but I have fortunately been able to keep things light and easy. This year with my attempts to work with my body and not against I have lost and gained weight. Currently I am at the high end of gained. Regardless I am listening to my body. I am enjoying my food. I am eating when I’m hungry and (mostly) only until satisfied. I know that my body is doing the very best it can for me and letting go of trying to reshape my body has given me a freedom to live more actively and more fully than before.

October 22: Today I love my body where it is, and doing so allows me to love my life in a greater capacity.

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