Body Love. Accomplished.
October 20, 2015 at 10:52 PM
Leah Rae Verde in Family Life, body acceptance


How can I not feel good about myself in my body when I can create with it! I had been putting off painting my living room for years, since we moved in. I had great reasons; I was pregnant, money is really tight, we have to replace the drywall, you name it, there was a reason to put it off. But my goodness it needed to be done. I often have my everything-is-all-better fantasy where I win the lottery, lose a bunch of weight and remodel my house/move to a new house. In my fantasy there is always someone who steps in with the winning numbers/ magic weight loss cure/ you’ve won a new home scenario. Apparently I have tied these big goals in my life into either needing some kind of magic wand to make it happen or needing some kind of outside force to interfere. Intellectually I know this is absurd. I am perfectly capable of creating my own wealth, loving the body I am blessed with, and improving my home without a dramatic HGTV style makeover.  So now I am no longer waiting for a magic spell, after 8 days of work I am sitting in my new living room and loving it. I painting the walls, faux white washed the wood paneling, and created a feature wall full of vibrancy. 

No black and white photo this time, I am so pleased to have some color on my walls. Now onto making curtains, improving the poor old torch lamp in the corner, and finding/ creating art to hang on my other giant walls. Those walls are huge, the feature I painted was just shy of 8x12 feet, and you can’t even see the ceiling in this shot.

October 20: Today I love that my body can accomplish beauty and create regardless of physical appearance.

Frugal Self-Care Today: Just breathe. To sit and enjoy the completion of a project is incredibly rejuvenating. 

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