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Body Love. Mom.


I started the day out as “super mom”, making pumpkin waffles for the kiddos. I turned into “hurry-up” mom as I tried to get my boys to two separate soccer games that started at the exact same time. After dashing between fields with the sky threatening to rain on us, we all met up with Grammie (my Mom) and took the children shopping. At the store I was “don’t touch that” mom, “control your body/voice” mom, and “no we are not buying that” mom through the whole store (but I did find new curtains for the living room). Afterwards we had a peaceful and wonderful lunch out. The boys were content to eat and tell us about their soccer games and other events from the week, so I got to be “mellow and cool” mom for a bit. When my husband came home from work my Mom and I left the children with him and continued our shopping adventure (I am super excited about redoing my living room this weekend) while we were out I wasn’t on “mom” duty at all anymore. What is the purpose behind sharing of all my different mom modes today? The point is that I would have been all those things regardless of how much I weigh or don’t weigh. Surprising right? If I want to improve my parenting (and I always do) I am not going to wait until I am a certain size or shape, I am going to keep practicing my parenting skills and learn new tricks of the trade.

October 10: Today I am grateful for the chance to laugh with family.



My Mom took several snap shots of me while we were at the last shop of the evening as I realized that I hadn't gotten a photo yet. Somehow, either because I was laughing too much or moving too much, all of the pictures were a little blurry. But you get the idea. Just me, being me, enjoying an afternoon running through rain from store to store without my little ones and with my Mom.

Frugal Self-Care Today: Obviously I was amazingly blessed to get out of the house without little ones today, for several hours! Wonderful.


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