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Body Love? I'm working on it

So this isn’t my usual blog post series. I’m not writing recipes or talking about backyard chickens. I’m not even looking at parenting. No, I’m going personal. Scary personal (scary for me). I am journaling about gratitude for myself. As I am. Right this minute. Why? Because I have been struggling in this area. I can look out around me and see awe and beauty. But I forget to include myself in that lens. Can I embrace my beauty, when my day to day is anything but glamourous? What about when I feel frumpy, bumpy, pudgy, and creased? I want to delve deeper. I want to create an image of myself that is both authentic and beautiful. Body love and body acceptance is kind of a big deal right now. Buzz words. I really didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon. I accept everyone… except maybe me. Can I whole heartedly love the person I am today, the body I am today while still moving towards something better? My guess is that I can. I am not the first person to do this, nor the most talented, but it is my journey, so perhaps it will be worth sharing.

How will I do this? I am going to attempt to use photography and journaling in this process. Pictures of me as I am. Kind of a personal therapy of choosing to see the good in the mess. I am also going to do my best to practice some good old fashioned (frugal) self-care. I am attempting to find personal beauty or more importantly personal contentment in my fairly busy, often monotonous, hardly picturesque life.

So I start: Today I love that I can be brave enough to write my private thoughts, even if I have doubts and fears about them. I love that my body has fingers for typing these thoughts! I am grateful.

My first very unglamorous picture… me writing the above few paragraphs. Tee shirt, sweat pants and mason jar of water by my side. Hmmm. This is only my first attempt, I have plenty of room for growth. Even in a first attempt can I pour love into the woman stealing a few minutes of nap time to hydrate and write and play with her camera? I'm working on it.

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