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31 Days of Baby Chicks


October is here and that means it is time for the 31 Day Writing Challenge. I loved participating in last year's challenge (and eating the results), but it really is a challenge to write every day. I thought I could skip this year since I successfully completed last year, but somehow I couldn't just let this challenge pass me by. Fortunately I have a great source of inspiration; baby chickens!

We have a fresh batch of baby chicks under our roof at the moment. While we have had chickens on and off for several years now, we've always gotten them as laying hens looking for a retirement home, this is our first batch of babies! This means that I am in no way an expert in this area but learning as I go. Lucky for you, I am taking you along with me.

Day 1: 31 Days of Baby Chicks

Day 2: Ordering Baby Chicks

Day 3: Waiting

Day 4: Baby Chicks at the Post Office

Day 5: Welcome Home Little Chicks

Day 6: Sleeping Chicks

Day 7: Cute and Fluffy

Day 8: Chicken "Lemonade"

Day 9: Chickens are Chicken

Day 10: Chick Haiku

Day 11: They Don't All Make It

Day 12: Injured Chick

Day 13: Feathers

Day 14: Budget Friendly Brooder

Day 15: Bedding

Day 16: Where to Keep the Chicks

Day 17: Cleaning the Brooder

Day 18: First Time Out

Day 19: Chicken Escape

Day 20: Roosting Chicks

Day 21: Chicken Killer

Day 22: Coop

Day 23: What to Feed Baby Chicks?

Day 24: Buuurd

Day 25: Big Move

Day 26: A Yard Divided

Day 27: Chickens Live Outside

Day 28: First Night Outside

Day 29: Naming Chicks

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31 Days of Writing Challenge

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