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About Gratefully Nourished

I recently sat down and re-worked my "about" page, I had been meaning too for a while. So this is it, what my small blog has grown into over the last two and a half years. Gratefully Nourished is about food; whole foods, fresh foods, nutrient dense foods, delicious foods. It is also about my experiences in life; a little gardening, a little parenting (I have three young boys), maybe some DIY stuff, basically a little bit of this or that. This little blog is a labor of love, a hobby blog, (currently) not for any kind of profit, not worried about google algorithms (or whatever). If I am focused on other areas of my life and I don't post anything for a couple weeks or need a few months off I know it won't throw the earth off its axis. However I love to share what is going on in my kitchen!

Generally in my (small and chaotic) kitchen I have something fermenting, kombucha brewing, and dairy culturing. I prioritize healthy fats from pastured animals (lard, butter/ghee, bacon, cream) and coconut. I also focus on pastured meats and poultry, wild game, wild caught and sustainable seafood, homemade bone broths, raw dairy, and pastured eggs (from our backyard chickens). We follow up with a variety of vegetables accompanied by some kind of yummy fat. I personally haven't been eating grains for nearly a year, but the rest of my family consumes sprouted and soured grains. Sounds perfect, right? We are not and I generally don't stress about it, I try to instead focus on being grateful for whatever we are blessed with, hence the blog name.

I eat slightly differently than the rest of my family; I typically consume a Ketogenic diet, while following WAPF principals. I have found that I do best relying on nutritious fats for the bulk of my energy. While I have lost a good amount of weight, this is NOT a dieting blog. Dieting is way too stressful, as long as I am feeling good, I just focus on enjoying my food (and gently moving my body). Because of the varied nutrient needs in my family Gratefully Nourished is not strictly Paleo, WAPF, Primal, Keto, LCHF, GAPS, Whole 30, or any other diet variation kind of blog, but you'll find recipes in all those categories around here.


A little more personal stuff about me ... I began my real food journey nearly 7 years ago, but somehow I still feel like a newbie, there is just always more to learn. I am a gardener with two black thumbs, trying to turn my awkward 1/2 acre into a more sustainable city homestead. I love taking time for silence and connecting with God, although more often than not I am challenged to find that connection in the busy and full moments of mothering my little boys. I love quiet moments with my husband and rowdy romps with the family. I am working on making peace with the monotony of dishes, laundry and household duties. I love to read. I enjoy learning more about health, natural medicines, faith application, and parenting. I love to dream, but I hope that I spend enough time in the present moment to be grateful for it.

I hope you enjoy what you find on this tiny bit of the web! At the very least I have definitely enjoyed creating it!

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