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Naming Chicks

Most of our chickens don't have names, but the ones that do were named by our sons. We haven't named them because we don't plan on keeping all of them. The minimum order was 15 chicks, but that is more than we can keep. As it stands now a few chicks will be heading to my Mom's house so she can start her own backyard flock. You would think this would be good news to my boys, the chickens will stay in the family and they can visit with them when we visit Grammy (rather than selling them to someone else which was the original plan). However this doesn't seem to be the case. When we mention getting a few chicks ready to move to Grammy's my five year old wails..."nooooo NOT Fuzz Ball, NOT Fuzzy, none of my chickens can go" and so on and so forth. Yes the few chicks with names currently have names like Fuzz Ball and Fuzzy, it really might be better if we don't name them.

This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and twenty-nineth in my baby chick series!

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