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Baby Chicks at the Post Office

When we went to the post office to retrieve our chicks we were greeted with curious questions from the post office employee, helpful tips from another patron, and lots of cute little chirps from our brand new babies. The chirps were actually the first thing we heard once we opened the door. When we got to the front of the line the postal worker gave us a sharp look when I informed her that we were here to pick up the chick delivery and followed up in a tone of disbelief and doubt "These things are for you?" Going to the post office with three very young children in tow always feels like something of an ordeal, coordinating hand holding, stroller pushing, and box or mail balancing, but when you go with little ones who are about to jump out of their own skin with excitement it seems like an adventure Indiana Jones himself would decline. "Yes ma'am those are our chicks". I don't think she was a huge animal fan, or at least not a chicken fan as she proceeded to declare that our poor neighbors were not going to be happy about this, all the noise and crowing... she continued on. I smiled said our chickens have never bothered anyone before, noted that we don't house any roosters, ("well then how do they lay eggs?" I often get asked this question and for anyone wondering hens lay eggs without roosters they are just unfertilized eggs) and kept a polite smile on my face as I waited for the chickens to be handed over. About this point in our trip my 5 year old, with a grin that stretched far beyond the corners of his lips and an excited bounce accompanying his every breath, started to take pictures of the birds being handed over to our capable and eager hands. Not wanting to be in any pictures herself the postal worker discontinued her questions and handed us our package. The kind gentleman in line who had advised us to keep our chickens locked up at night gave the kids and I a warm smile as we juggled the chicks, stroller and small hands out the door. My zealous 3 year old wanted to stop and open the package right away in the middle of the post office, but at that point I just wanted to get everyone safely and quickly back home so we could welcome our newest additions.

This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and fourth in my baby chick series!

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