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What to Feed Baby Chicks?

Our hens ate homemade chicken feed until their abrupt passing. When it was time to get our chicks I thought I would make their feed as well. When I started to research chick starter recipes I immediately came across a forum that cautioned against making your own feed. I was a little discouraged and overwhelmed. While I knew it was still possible to make my own, the caution combined with the new demands of getting children off to school, I decided that I would buy my first bag of chick starter. Researching commercial feed became work enough. I knew that I wanted to stick to soy free options, but even most of the organic commercial starters contained soy. I called all the local stores and could only find organic options that were expensive and had to be pre-ordered.  I finally found a chick starter on amazon that was soy free and gmo free (although not organic) which met my criteria. At $36 a bag, the price is higher than anything I had previously purchased, but cheaper than the local organic versions that still contained soy. The chicks seemed to love it and it gave me more time to work on creating a sustainable recipe. 

This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and twenty-third in my baby chick series!

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