October 24, 2014 at 10:49 PM
Leah Rae Verde in 31 Days 2014, Backyard Chickens, Coop, DIY, Family Life, Homestead, Pallet

I love the coop my husband crafted for me. It is heavy, but on wheels. It is airy because the heat is more troublesome than cold in our area. We picked out an old window from the ReStore and installed it on the roof to create a light filled coop. The run is detachable, but always connected so our girls can stretch and scratch at will. The only design flaw (thus far) was the initial use of chicken wire instead of heavy duty steel hardware cloth. I had originally envisioned DIY coop plans that anyone could follow, but my husband took my rough sketch and made everything up as he went using pieces of pallets and leftover lumber. We painted it green because that was the only color of outdoor latex paint in the cheap discard pile at the store. Every time I gaze out at the coop I see my husband's love and dedication and it fills my heart with joy. Every time my little boy's faces beam with pride and amazement as they open the nest boxes and collect eggs, a smile consumes my face. Yes our little homemade coop and the chickens it has been home to and the new chicks getting ready to move into it is a beautiful reminder of the love in our family.

This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and twenty-second in my baby chick series!

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