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Chicken Killer

There is a reason we have a brooder full of baby chicks. There is a reason we had to make a few repairs to our chicken coop before I felt ready to order our baby chicks. The reason is our 1 year old German Sheppard. It is hard to believe that this adorable little puppy grew up to be a vicious chicken killer. She grew up watching the chickens. She would snuggle up next to the coop if she was outside. As she got bigger she started pacing laps around the chicken coop, seemingly wanting to play with the hens. She would rather be outside with the chickens then inside the house. I think perhaps we thought she had bonded with them, adopted them as family. Apparently we were naive. The chicken wire we used to enclose the hen's run was no match for our full size "puppy". She managed to claw open the useless wire and left nothing but feathers. Poor old girls. It was almost time for the stew pot regardless, as we were only getting about 4 eggs per week total from our four old hens. Rest assured the coop has been fortified, and an additional fence will keep our chicken killer away from our next generation of egg layers.

This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and twenty-first in my baby chick series!

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