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Roosting Chicks

Around 4 weeks old our chicks started roosting on their feeder. This is just gross, because roosting chicks are pooping chicks.  I had planned on building beautiful roosts for my precious baby birds. But real life gets in the way of ideals. I grabbed two shelves and put them in the brooder. Not a single chick touched them the first night (how do I know? there wasn't a drop on them the next day), but eventually most of the birds started to hang out on their temporary roost... as well as their feeder.

I made sure that everything was sturdy and snug and made peace with the idea of re-sanding and re-painting the shelves when the chicks were done with them. This is such a short blip in time that in the end it is probably better that I didn't spend the time and resources to create a portable roost from scratch, far better to spend that time watching my little boys fawn over their baby chicks.


This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and twentieth in my baby chick series!












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