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First Time Out

When the chicks were about three weeks old we decided to take them outside for the first time (while I was busy scrubbing out the brooder). We have a small outdoor pen we had used for our dog when she was a puppy that I pulled out of storage to accommodate the chicks and keep them safe (although we soon learned they could squeeze out the bars). At first the girls crowded together, initially I thought they might be too chilly (despite the 80+ degree weather) since they were huddled together so tightly, but after a few minutes they slowly started to poke around. I spent my time cleaning and watching the little chicks discover real dirt and grass. My boys tried to feed them a few worms, but apparently they weren't ready for those yet. The girls stretched their wings in the sunshine and scratched at the ground. I had to wonder why exactly we were raising them indoors, other than that was what everything I read said to do. Perhaps next time around I will try to figure out a safe way for them to stay outside without becoming some other critters dinner. Maybe next time one of these chicks will be a good Mama hen and teach the new ones the ways of the chicken world.

This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and eighteenth in my baby chick series!

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