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Cleaning the Brooder

I am sure you have noticed a theme here; the baby chicks are awesome, wonderful little ladies full of cuteness and adventure. However they are messy. Keeping on top of the mess is the only way to make this little experiment pleasant possible. Every couple of days I add more bedding to help absorb smell and mess. Every week I take the brooder apart, toss all of the soiled bedding into the compost and spray the whole thing down with a jet stream of water. I then spray on some vinegar and wipe it down. If I have time I let the brooder dry in the sun, if I am losing the light of day I grab a towel and dry the whole thing off. Simple and efficient. I love the smell of the fresh pine shavings and the clean brooder once it is reassembled inside. This freshness lasts about a day before the cycle begins again.









This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and seventeenth in my baby chick series!

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