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Where to Keep the Chicks

We had a hard time deciding where to put out little ladies. Our storage room? The guest room? Maybe on our back porch? All of these ideas had merit but also cons, in the storage room they had plenty of places to hide if they got out. The guest room would be very uncomfortable for guests when they visit. The back porch, while enclosed, would be either too hot or too cold depending on the day. In the end we sacrificed the children's play room in the basement to become baby chick headquarters. It can be closed off so our dog can't get in, it is convenient to our coming and going so we wouldn't forget about the birds, and the boys love playing with them so they don't seem to be troubled by giving up their train table in exchange for baby chicks to play with. The downside to having baby chicks anywhere inside is the dust they kick up. When the girls finally move outside to their coop I will have to spend a good day or more scrubbing tubs of legos, cars, tinker toys and all other playroom things that are currently coated in dust. A small price to pay for fresh eggs and chicken entertainment.

This post is part of 31 Days- a writing challenge and sixteenth in my baby chick series!

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