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2014- Ready to go! 


While this process has taken a few weeks to unfold, I am satisfied with my results. I have a list of 12 things on my 2014 agenda, ideally one thing a month that I can focus on and delve into.

1.  New cleaning routine- I've currently switched to daily loads from a weekly laundry day and am trying to adjust my other routines as I see areas that can be improved upon.

2. Participate in the T-Tapp Challenge- we will see how this goes.

3. Gardening (I haven't given up!)- try more "southern" plants; collards, turnips, a more local sweet potato? Add an herb garden to my gardening endeavors.

4. Reorganize (using lots of elimination) my craft room/office space

5. Eliminate computer clutter: old emails, 1000s of pictures (of food!), etc...

6. Update and Reorganize my recipe bag, creating new categories (family favorites, quick meals, etc), get all hand written recipes typed up and filed on my computer (maybe add a few to the blog!).

7. Create home management binder- I've read about these over the last few years, I'm concerned that it'll be just another thing on my to-do list instead of helpful, but I won't know until I try.

8. Create kids digital artwork keepsakes and smaller physical art books to get rid of the piles

9. Explore more natural dental care: Bass, water pick, oil pulling, homemade toothpastes...etc.

10. Explore more natural skin care: dry brushing, homemade lotions, cleansers, deodorant...etc. Then create a daily routine

11. Learn more about essential oils- I'd like to take a class.

12. Learn more about herbal remedies- again I'd like an actual class and mentor.

Looks like a great year. Now time to get started!



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