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Meal Plan ~ March 2013 week 1

This past week our greatest culinary adventure was Squirrel Stew. I was surprised to find that it didn't taste much different than any other stew. It took a lot longer to prepare than the original recipe, when I tried to just simmer the squirrel in salted water it was tough and gamey, so I let it cook slowly in the slow cooker until the meat fell off the bones. Then I asked my husband to remove the meat from the bones because for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Which is silly because I cleaned it, seasoned it, and cooked it without a problem, but somehow pulling it apart just wasn't something I was up to. I think I'll blame it on pregnancy hormones. Since it took so much longer for our food to cook then anticipated I added precooked rice and also used up some extra mushrooms for a good earthy stew. Good, but I will probably look around for another recipe next time my hunters bring back a few squirrels.

March 1 – March 7, 2013


Fri 1

Sat 2

Sun 3

Mon 4

Tues 5

Wed 6

Thurs 7


Sourdough pancakes


Sourdough Crepes

With mandarin filling

Boiled eggs, fruit


Scrambled eggs

Bacon (make extra for Tuesday)

Hot Pumpkin Cereal

Sourdough Muffin (or chocolate cake)

Salmon Egg Bake


Crab salad over

Hawaiian coleslaw

Probably Out

OR pack sandwiches



Simple tuna pasta & Cheese



Avocado Slices

Egg Salad on

Sliced tomatoes

Sugar snap peas

Pickle, Ham  & Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Grape Tomatoes

Snack/ Treat


Crispy Nuts & Cheese

(on the go)

Kiwi "Candy"


Apple & PB


PB & coconut Bars


Sausage, sourdough and tomato salad



White Beans & Lamb Crock-Pot

Fermented green beans

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Sourdough Bread



Roast Chicken



Liver & Onions



Homemade Alfredo and Scallop Pizza



Make Yogurt

Soak Beans

Sourdough Crepes

Start Kefir

Make Pickles


Bake Sandwich Bread (if needed)

Defrost liver

Ferment extra Collards

Prep Sourdough




Until Baby comes I am continuing to write up simple meal plans, knowing that the whole week could change as soon as labor arrives. I am 38 weeks and excited to meet my little one, probably a tad impatient too. I've had a few slow starts that peter away. Sigh, all in perfect time (God's time, not mine).  At least I don't have to worry about what is for dinner on top of everything else!

Need some meal time inspiration? Check out I'm an Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday


I am also linking up to Menu Monday: What's for Dinner

Please note that I use whole real foods in my cooking as much as possible. I may have linked up a recipe that calls for low fat dairy or commercially processed oil, but rest assured I will be using the most traditional and natural real food products I can find instead. I use these recipes as a starting point and do my best to create something that works for my family.

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