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Meal Plan ~ March 2013 week 3

No more waiting, our sweet little baby has arrived! We have been blessed with a beautiful little boy. Now I get to sit back and cuddle with all three of my little ones and still have wonderful meals as a family without too much effort. I am ready for these amazing meals, especially after the remarkably non-nourishing hospital "food". I will have to rant about that topic another time, right now I am just enjoying my newborn snuggled across me while I take just a few minutes to look over my freezer inventory and pick out what we'll eat. We are also very blessed to have a dinner brought over this week and we will have visitors staying with us, the first half of the week my cousin is helping out and the second half my M-I-L will begin staying with us so I will have extra hands for the big and little tasks ahead. This is one content new mamma! 

Update: Scroll down to read my 2013 about page... Thanks for visiting Gratefully Nourished.


March 18 – March 24, 2013

* Meal from the Freezer or Pantry


Mon 18

Tues 19

Wed 20

Thur 21

Fri 22

Sat 23

Sun 24


Gyro Omelets

French Toast

Egg Bake

Yogurt & Banana Bread*

Scrambled Eggs


Sourdough Cinnamon Muffins

Boiled Eggs, Fruit, Cheese


Homemade Hot Pockets*

Ham & Corn Chowder


Leftover Chili

Bangers* & Mash

Hummus* & Veggies


Snack/ Treat


Granola bars*

Homemade Lara Bars


Apple & PB


Homemade Jello


Dinner as a Gift

Chili* & Corn Bread





Garlic Chicken*






Filipino Cooking

Lettuce Wraps


Spanish Cooking

Sausage Soup*

Artisan Bread*





Defrost Chili



Chicken in Crock-Pot

Defrost Bangers


Defrost Soup & Bread Dough

Boil Eggs

Make Jello during nap

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I am also linking up to Menu Monday: What's for Dinner


2013 About Page

I am a military wife as well as a wife to a full time medical student (yes, just one guy, a very busy one). I am a Momma of three young boys. I am now a stay-at-home mom grateful for time with my young ones but still adjusting to no longer working outside the home. I love God, my family, my friends, and food. Ah food, my passion, my hobby, my sense of place, my empowerment, my chance to provide something nourishing and delectable to my family. I am a picky foodie. I want my food to be jam packed with nutrients and free of garbage. I want a relationship with my food and therefore with the earth that grows it. How my food is grown and prepared is important to me. I do my best to follow the guidelines of the Weston A. Price Foundation, but I am far from perfect.

I strive for balance in all areas of my life. I cook wholesome “real” food at home knowing that when we are eating at church or other people’s homes the nourishment we are receiving is fellowship and community. I follow many attachment parenting principles, I have given birth to all three of my beautiful boys following the Bradley Method of natural child birth and my medicine cabinet holds herbals, oils and homeopathic remedies yet modern medicine has a place in my world. I do the best I can to limit toxins and choose many “green” living practices, but my hair looks amazing after a good blow dry and my toe nails receive a pedicure (with a compromise polish) whenever I can squeeze one in.

My journey into real food started almost six years ago when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. I found a copy of Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig that reshaped my view of food.  I ditched the vanilla soy milk, trans fats and high fructose corn syrup (my first steps!) and started a slow but purposeful transition from what I thought was a healthy diet to that of a traditional real foods, truly healing menu. Little by little I have added things; raw milk, soaking grains, making yogurt, sourdough, fermentation, backyard chickens, buying grass-fed beef and pastured chickens, however I still have much more to learn and explore.

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Reader Comments (1)

Congratulations! I didn't realize you we're pregnant. :)

March 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterCarol Lyn Wauford

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