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Meal Plan ~ March 2013 week 2

Oh my, did we enjoy some tasty meals last week! The liver with onion and cream gravy was wonderful! I keep thinking "hey I need to take a picture" but we were hungry and the food was great, so I don't have a picture to share. The BLT sandwiches were really good too. I chopped up the bacon and tomato, coated it with sour cream and added onion, garlic and cheddar cheese (kind of like a tuna salad), but again no picture. My focus last week was on my light and sporadic contractions that have thus far still not lead to labor.  It is no joke that each pregnancy is different! I did get caught up on some of my fermenting last week. I made several batches of kraut, a batch of fermented collards, fermented hummus, sweet peppers and pickles. It is nice to have my small ferment fridge fairly well stocked. Now onto this week:


March 8 – March 14, 2013


Fri 8

Sat 9

Sun 10

Mon 11

Tue 12

Wed 13

Thur 14


Boiled eggs, fruit


Homemade tortilla breakfast burritos

Kitchen Construction

Breakfast Out


Breakfast Cookies

Hot Pumpkin Cereal

Sourdough Cinnamon Muffins

And Yogurt

Fried Eggs and Ham


Homemade Nacho Beef & Cheese Dip, Guacamole and Chips

Kitchen Construction

Take Out

Broccoli Cheese Soup leftovers

Egg Salad on

Sliced tomatoes

Sugar snap peas

Pickle, Ham  & Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Grape Tomatoes

Simple tuna pasta & Cheese

Dill Carrots


Snack/ Treat


Granola bars

Homemade Lara Bars


Apple & PB


Homemade Jello


Homemade Alfredo and scallop Pizza

Kitchen Construction

Hot Dogs over Fire Pit


Sourdough Biscuits and Gravy


Special Dinner (hubby's in charge)



Buttered carrots


Chopped Liver

French Bread

Pickles & Capers





Try sourdough tortilla recipe

 Sourdough before church

Make Granola?

Make Yogurt

Start Muffins




As you can see this week is as simple as can be. My wonderful parents are working on building a custom cabinet in my kitchen, so my kitchen is out of commission for a day. I have a few small projects to work on around the house to try and keep from going crazy while we all wait for baby, so those things will occupy my time outside of the kitchen. Maybe I will even get a chance to work on our garden, so that I can keep my two part focus for 2013 alive and well, there is still plenty of outside work to do to get things ready to become a more sustainable urban homestead! In fact I should probably spend the next couple peaceful minutes researching reasonably priced compost to help fill our raised beds. I hope everyone has deliciously filled bellies this week!

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Please note that I use whole real foods in my cooking as much as possible. I may have linked up a recipe that calls for low fat dairy or commercially processed oil, but rest assured I will be using the most traditional and natural real food products I can find instead. I use these recipes as a starting point and do my best to create something that works for my family.

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