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Meal Plan ~ February 2013 week 4

What a yummy week we have had! I have enjoyed my time in the kitchen this week. I have spent some time playing with my sourdough, mostly for breakfast, and served up a beautiful crepe recipe (I want to try it a few more times before posting it). I even had a chance to host a vegetarian guest last week and came up with a new enchilada recipe. I usually make my enchilada sauce and all of my beans in bone broth, so I had a good time experimenting with vegetable stock.

I am very content with my last week of freezer cooking, I have a total of 53 dinner entrees in my freezer in 25 different varieties. Not bad for one weekend cooking and three weeks of double/triple batches. I also have several gallons of soup in the freezer, some lunches, and a few breakfasts. My freezer is currently maxed out but well organized. I had originally wanted to set aside some more baked goods, but I am out of room. Instead this coming week I am looking at making some extra snack type foods. Fortunately the ingredients for these things will not be wasted if I happen to go into labor before I finish them (dried fruit, nuts, coconut, chocolate, etc).

February 22 – February 28, 2013


Fri 22

Sat 23

Sun 24

Mon 25

Tues 26

Wed 27

Thur 28


Yogurt and Cinnamon Sourdough Muffins

Biscuits  & Gravy

Gyros Oven Omelet

Sweet Potato Muffins


Fried Potatoes and Eggs with leftover gravy

Banana Muffins

Egg Nog Smoothie

Scrambled eggs and avocado


Gyros Salad

Salmon and Cheddar Salad



Grilled ham & cheese

Leftover tacos (picnic)

Mahi Mahi w/ Ginger Butter Sauce

Lamb heart tar tare

Crackers, salad

Snack/ Treat



(Large batch to freeze)


Sourdough Cheese Crackers


Granola Bars (x2)


(large batch)

"Lara" style bars

Crispy Chick Peas


Bacon, Eggs and Potatoes

Squirrel Stew


Sweet Potatoes

Sautéed spinach

Turkish Lamb & Veggie Stew

Beef Tongue Tacos



Bring Dessert

Roast Chicken

Pickled green beans






Start Sourdough biscuits

Cure Bacon

Defrost meat

Soak nuts

Dehydrate kiwi

Dehydrate nuts

Package cookie dough & kiwi

Defrost tongue & sauce

Make Kraut

Soak chick peas

Defrost chicken

2 batches choc. syrup

Homemade Mix Day

Roast chick peas Make large batch granola cereal

Refill all containers

Make extra cleaning products

Deep Clean!


I am happy to have an easy week in the kitchen. At 37 weeks I am ready to focus on some things that need to be done outside of the kitchen (seedlings, organizing, cleaning, and other baby prep). I am also feeling ready for baby! Of course my previous boys were both over 40 weeks so it is unlikely that I will be heading into labor this week, but it is nice to be prepared. I hope everyone has a delicious week!


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Please note that I use whole real foods in my cooking as much as possible. I may have linked up a recipe that calls for low fat sour cream, but rest assured I will be using whole fat sour cream, possibly made in my own kitchen (depends on cream availability at the farm). I use these recipes as a starting point and do my best to create something that works for my family


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