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Frozen Blueberries and Fresh Cream

I would say that the majority of the treats I have posted for this 31 day challenge have been simple. Today's is as basic as it comes, a dessert my family has enjoyed for years (probably at least the last 20 years), with just two ingredients (I add a third ingredient but it is completely optional). My Mom is the cook in my parent's house, but my Dad handles the occasional quick treat (usually some kind of chocolate and peanut butter or ice cream and fruit). I did a quick google search to see if someone has already penned this recipe, but from what I could tell (without spending thousands of hours researching) there are a lot of quick blueberry ice cream recipes, but nothing as simple and easy as pouring fresh raw cream over frozen blueberries. These particular blueberries were handpicked by my wonderful boys and my cousin on a hot July morning this past summer. Isn't food more delicious when good memories are attached to it? The cream on the frozen berries will essentially create its own ice cream, no additional sweeteners required. My boys often request this easy treat for snack or dessert and I am happy to be passing on this simple real food combination from my childhood to them.


Frozen Blueberries and Fresh Cream

1 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 cup fresh raw cream

A good pinch of fleur de sel (optional, but the salt brings out the natural sweetness in the berries and cream)


Arrange berries into two bowls, pour cream over each bowl, top with salt. You can wait a minute for the berries to start freezing the cream or just dig right in and enjoy the changing texture as you eat it.

Serves 2

nutrition per serving:

200 calories

14g carbohydrates

2g fiber

5g protein

17g fat

11g sugar

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