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Soccer Bowling

I had a rough week. Morning sickness (which for me is often just impossible to move exhaustion rather than vomiting) made morning activities turn into whenever we could squeeze something in activities and a strong willed child made some things impossible to finish. So even though my lesson plan looked nothing like what we did, this was what our week looked like:

Monday- Lincoln Log Building (3 year old was really focused on building walls and buildings, 20 month old was really happy to move piles of logs from a bucket to a basket and back)

Tuesday- Library Story Time (Apple Theme and Craft)

Wednesday- Soccer Bowling (it was supposed to be apple stamps, but oh well)

Thursday- Velcro and Textures (how Velcro works, experimenting with what it will stick to and what it won't. 3 year old could start predicting what textures it would stick to while my 20 month old just had a great time playing with the velcro)

Friday-Made Shapes with Bright Builders (3 year old was very focused on making the shapes, 20 month old grabbed a big truck and ran them all over)


Activity of the week: Soccer Bowling


Tall-ish Plastic Containers

small soft soccer ball or other ball


What to do:

I didn't plan on soccer bowling, it sort of developed as the boys were playing with various items in the house while I was cleaning up from breakfast (or maybe lunch?). My toddler has easy access to our very few tupperware type items (we usually store things in glass containers). He had them out on the dining room floor and his big brother decided to come over and kick them down; this could result in either a squeal of delight from my toddler or a squeal of tragedy. At this particular moment he found the destruction to be delightful and quickly reset the containers so he could kick them down, unfortunately his brother was faster at kicking them over and the tragedy squeal pierced my ears. My first thought was to put it all away and send them onto another activity or perhaps an early nap (I must have been cleaning up from lunch). But I don't always want to spoil their fun and I don't want to stifle their creativity. So I grabbed the "pins" and relocated to a carpeted area, along the way my 20 month old picked up a tiny soccer ball. Perfect. We could now help EJ (my 3 year old is on his very first soccer team) practice aiming his kicks and work on the ever elusive sharing and turn taking concept with my toddler. So that is what we did. I helped the boys take turns, occasionally having my toddler sit in my lap while it was big brothers turn and explaining repeatedly that as soon as EJ was done it would be his turn next. While EJ moved farther and farther back working  on actually aiming his kicks. EN (my 20 month old) didn't actually kick the ball into the pins, he decided that holding the ball in his hands and knocking them over was a much better game.  Regardless, this was fun and slightly educational  and will perhaps be added to our box of what-should-we-do-now? activities.


Note: I didn't grab my camera during this impromptu game. I took the above picture when I decided this was what I was writing about  (as we never got around to apple stamps). The containers are the same, the soccer ball is different, we were using a softer foam soccer ball that is allowed to be used in the house, however I couldn't find that one and the one pictured is roughly the same size but generally only used outside.

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Great site. I didn't know I could click on it and get so much info. It's fun to see what you and the kids are doing. I'm looking forward to future learning experiences. Love your m-i-l Nancy

January 12, 2013 | Unregistered Commenteryour m-i-l Nancy

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