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Paint in a Bag

This was our third week of "homeschooling" our preschooler (and our toddler by default), in addition to our little activities we have worksheets, coloring, lots of reading, storytelling, and plenty of free play. Our activities are just the extra fun learning experiences. This was what our week looked like:

Monday- Play dough Shapes

Tuesday- Library Story Time (Pirate theme and Music this week)

Wednesday- Letter Sounds (we made different fun noises to encourage the sound of each letters, 3 year old understood that the noises were representing letters, 20 month old just thought it was a fun game)

Thursday-Paint in a Bag (explored how colors mix together to make new colors)

Friday-Fall Hike (looked at leaves, felt the cooler air, talked about Fall as we explored our new neighborhood)


Activity of the week: Paint in a Bag


Freezer Bag (quart or gallon size work, depending on your space available, we have a small art table so we used small bags)

Red, Blue, and Yellow Paint (we used acrylic because that is what I had and the kids weren't actually going to be touching it)

Painters tape or Duct tape

White Paper


What to do:

Put a dollop of 2 colors of paint in separate parts of your freezer bag (you want to use a freezer bag because it is thicker and will take more abuse). Gently remove the air from the bag and seal it with duct tape. Place a piece of white paper behind the bag and tape everything securely to the table OR alternately place white paper in the bag then put in all 3 colors of paint, it will be harder for the kids to move, but will show the mixing of colors more dramatically (this is what is pictured above, see how pretty!).

I saw a picture of paint in a freezer bag taped on a table on Pinterest, BUT I didn't read the article over at the hippie housewife until after I did the project. I should have read the article first and I would have realized that the paper goes under the bag, NOT in the bag. I was hoping for some cool kid art to hang up in our playroom, but that does not work, if you put the paper in it gets too saturated to remove (I thought about cutting it out of the bag, but didn't attempt that kind of mess or disappointment for my kids if I ruined their masterpiece). Despite my mistake the kids had a blast and loved showing Papa their creations securely sealed in the plastic bag.  We did the activity again the right way which was much easier for our toddler to do, but once the paint was mixed and all the new color it wasn't as pretty as our accidental creations (I didn't get any pictures of the 2nd attempt). Definately fun either way.            

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