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My Timeline

Have you ever thought about calling someone, but just didn't get around to it. Life keeps going, months pass, you think about calling every so often but then your child dumps rice all over the floor at the same time the doorbell rings and that phone call slips your mind. By the time you actually pick up the phone you feel like you've missed your opportunity to call, it has been so long they won't even remember who you are. That is how I feel about this little blog. I've wanted to write a really meaningful and heartfelt play by play of my life while I've been away from blogging, BEFORE I begin actually posting things. I want to write about all the little struggles and all I've learned in one long 'here is why I have been neglecting writing' post. Crazy right? I know it is completely unnecessary, but for my sake I am going to instead do a quick timeline, heartfelt tales will have to wait.

March: Found out I was pregnant, put the house up for sale because we were moving to Texas.

April: Spent all my time cleaning the house for showings, training my replacement at work, and surviving pregnancy exhaustion. Oh and then my husband was accepted into Medical School so our whole life was up in the air.

May: Miscarried our little one, became a stay-at-home Mom, made plans to move to Eastern North Carolina.

June: Still trying to sell our house in what turned out to be the worst summer for real estate our town had yet seen.

July: Trying to sell our house, packing, buying a new house and then at the very end of the month finally moving.

August: Gave up selling our house and rented it out (yeesh!), unpacking, settling in, and pregnant (again) complete with 1st trimester exhaustion and minor (thankfully) nausea as if moving with a preschooler and toddler isn't tiring enough!

September: My house is becoming my home!  I am fermenting wonderful  things and making lots of stock again. Our preschool homeschooling is back in gear (although not as organized as I'd like) and I have finally put pen to paper again.  Let's hope it isn't a temporary thing!

Thanks for reading, if anyone has any tips or techniques that help them keep a realistic blog schedule, I'd love to hear them.

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