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Airborne and Special Operations Museum


We had Vacation Bible School this week, so we were on the go! Our VBS takes place in the evening ending pretty late for out little guys, by the time I was done with my volunteer duties it was usually between 8:45 and 9pm, by the time we got home it was nearly 9:30! Needless to say our morning activities were pretty easy going this week:

Monday- VBS Decorations for the Dining Room (hope to post those later)

Tuesday- Trip to the Airborne Museum and Veteran's Park 

Wednesday- Library (We were too late for Story Time, but still spent some time reading and finding new books)  

Thursday-Movie Day featuring 101 Dalmatians (For my benefit as well as the kids)

Friday- Pots and Pans (Just for the fun of it, I let them get loud, mix water, add some colorful towels, pretty much anything)


Activity of the week: Airborne and Special Operations Museum

I have a confession to make, I was not looking forward to going to this museum...again. We go to this museum often, especially when we have guests visiting from out of town. Plus military history is not an area that I am overly passionate about, that is my husband's department. However when I asked my three year old where he wanted to go he announced that he wanted to go to the parachute museum. It seemed pretty appropriate since our VBS theme was SKY Everything is Possible with God and we spent the weekend and the day before making miniature parachutes, hot air balloons, paper airplanes and various flying bugs and birds. So off we went, on a very pleasant day (the only one we had this week weather wise) to see all of the parachutes, planes, gliders, and helicopters we (I) could stand.

This trip to the museum was the best visit I have ever had, because my three year old was so interested in everything. Normally he looks at a few things and is quickly done. However this time he was engaged and asking a ton of questions, he wanted to watch each video clip and stare at each display. I LOVED watching him try to make sense of everything he saw and I was glad to have a new perspective myself.                                          

We also got to experience something new; the North Carolina Veteran's Park across the street from the main museum. As a veteran myself I found the park to be lovely and touching. There was an area to honor each branch of the military, I took the boys to each place and talked about the people in our family who have served or are serving in each of the different branches (except Coast Guard, I couldn't think of anyone in my family that my kids would know who has served in the Coast Guard).  It turned out to be a very special day that I am grateful I could share it with my two young boys (and one of my middle school teens from church who was my helper for the day).

Please Note: My pictures are amature point and shoot pictures and I have purposley not included face shots of my children for thier privacy. That being said I like to include a picture or two anyways, please ignore these flaws or have fun spotting my reflection in various shots, your choice!

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