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Valentine Jars

For Valentine’s Day my children’s preschool has everyone decorate boxes for receiving the little Valentine cards. They give out little awards for most creative, best use of hearts, best done by yourself, and whatever other categories they may have. We just returned from our church youth ski trip and we were all tired, just plain beat, but I knew we still needed to throw together a couple of boxes (never mind winning awards). I looked around the house for little boxes to decorate but couldn’t find any and I really didn’t want to head out to the store. I strolled around gazing at my stuff and decided that since I have an abundance of glass jars I would just figure out something with them. Fortunately my soon-to-be sister gave me some beautiful craft fabric; blue with red flowers that I could pass as Valentine-y. I cut a couple scraps of fabric and secured it to the top of my glass jars with rubber bands (reused from produce making sure that the side that reads organic broccoli was turned in and not visible) and decorative twine (later I used a utility knife to make a slit where cards could be dropped in).  I grabbed three paints and two brushes and happily entered my creative zone. I couldn’t ask for a better way to unwind after a busy weekend than a blissful painting session. I am not a great painter, and nothing comes out exactly how I envision it, but I really enjoy the process and am usually fairly pleased with the results. I emulated the flowers on the fabric and added a few hearts and my baby’s name to the first one. My three year old got to “paint” most of his own, using thumbprints to make hearts and finger prints to make the flower petals, I just outlined them to give some definition to them, added stems and painted his name on as well. (Can you tell that the picture below is of finger prints and thumb prints- he had so much fun doing it) Simple, usable, and enjoyable to make, the best part is that after I take a few pictures and the kids enjoy them for a week I will wash off the paint and put them back to use in my kitchen! I spent no money and will throw nothing away (well except for some of the junky candy that came home with the kids). As an added bonus our “boxes” received the “most creative” award, which my three year old thought was pretty cool.



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Reader Comments (2)

I am so blessed to have such a great daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren. Rachael, thank you, for being such a wonderful and creative Mom, by the way your cooking is pretty good too. I am so looking forward to our next visit; do you think you can keep from washing the jars long enough for me to enjoy them on our next visit as well? Love, Dad

February 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDennis Green

Dad, As long as you come soon! Say next weekend...

February 18, 2012 | Registered CommenterLeah Rae Verde

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