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Is GAPS working?

I have been enjoying GAPS intro (if you'd like to know why I'm doing it in the first place click here). The food has been good, the work hasn’t been too much more, I haven’t been unusually tired or had any other detox symptoms.   I was doing okay until the weekend hit. Saturday we had a party at our house; I made all of the food full GAPS legal and ate freely of anything I wanted. I felt a little tired and uncomfortable at the end of the day but nothing too horrible. Then Sunday came, the most difficult day of the week food wise.

 I ate boiled lamb chops and butternut squash for breakfast with a large mug of broth that I sipped while driving to church. This kind of meal will normally hold me over until lunch, but Sundays are long and there was a lunch at church, a good one; baked ziti with lots of meat and sauce. I knew I was going to get to-go plates for my family and then head home and make a bowl of soup for myself.

By the time I got home (1:45ish) I was ready to eat. I smelled the ziti for the entire 30 minute drive home and really wasn’t interested in the extra time and effort of GAPS food when a yummy meal was ready! I ate the first few bites quickly and then remembered to take my time, chew my food, be more aware of tastes and sensations. Everything tasted good so I ate as much as I wanted (not over eating, just until I didn’t want any more). Again I didn’t feel bad, and I was starting to wonder if GAPS was actually doing anything for me at all.

Apparently my body is just slow to react to things. By the time I went to bed I was uncomfortable, not aching or in agony just very uncomfortable.  Then I couldn’t sleep. It seemed to me that I could feel my unhappy intestines working away. It took me over 2 hours to fall asleep (just to be awoken 45 minutes later by a hungry baby). This morning I was still uncomfortable and bloated, I had to take my wedding band off because it was extra snug and I selected drawstring workout pants when I got dressed.  I also had the beginning of a sty on my right eyelid (which disappeared after a few cups of broth and a nap).

These are sensations I have experienced before, but would not have realized why. To be fair, I experienced them more acutely this time around (possibly because I am paying more attention to my body?). And I know it sounds strange, but it was refreshing to feel bad, but to know why I did. Knowing why means I can go straight to fixing it!

I wasn’t sure how I should proceed with my intro diet. Should I start over completely? Should I just pick up where I left off? I decided to take things easy today and not add in anything new, I probably won’t add in anything new tomorrow either. I am hoping that I have learned my lesson; good is being done and a few bites of something easy and yummy is not worth feeling cruddy. At least now I see/feel that this diet is having an effect on me and that it is very worthwhile to continue this journey.

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